Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Prophecies,'s just an excuse not to learn the right lesson.

Some people have no clue.  Not only do they have no clue, they miss the point even when they are smacked over the head with the truth, let alone the clue.

Take the election.

Throughout the entire election, beginning with Romney's nomination, the right wing pundits - and it turns out, Romney's own campaign staff - were telling each other and the world that their guy was going to win.  Yeah, yeah, everybody has to say that in an election to keep from bleeding support.  Gotta stay positive!

But internally, you have to keep on top of what is real.  You've gotta know what is really happening so you can respond with the right actions to ensure you really do win.  In other words, your campaign staff has to live in reality.

Romney's did not, as it turns out.  Neither did his money bags.  Remember the famous Karl Rove meltdown?

This is not the reaction  of a man whose fingers were on the pulse of the country.  I think he had his fingers on his own wrist and just didn't see it.  There have been a lot of characterizations of the right wing as living in another world, or another universe altogether.  These reactions to the election are proof positive that at the very least, they were swallowing their own propaganda!  At the worst, Fox News has built up an entirely different worldview that closely resembles another world not at all like the one the rest of us inhabit.  Many of us call it the planet Wingnutia.

Take this preacher, Rick Joyner, for instance.  He takes this whole pre-election period where all kinds of right wing religious nuts were predicting a Romney win and turns it upside down:
I know a lot of prophetic people who fully expected Romney to win the election. Of those I communicated with about the election, I do not know of any who gave a prophecy that Romney would win, but it was an almost universal opinion. I did not even seek a word from the Lord about it myself because I felt that I already had His opinion. That was a huge presumption.
Yep, you presume that your god cares enough about you and your self importance that he will give you his opinion about anything at all.
Bob Jones had an encounter with the Lord on January 16, 2012 in which the Lord asked him what he thought about having a Mormon for President. This was long before the Republican nomination had been decided, and Bob’s response was that he did not think very much of it. Bob held to that opinion until after the nomination was won by Romney, and then he believed that he must have been wrong and that Romney must be God’s choice. After the election, he realized how he had let his own opinions cancel out what the Lord was trying to show him in the first place.
Interesting.  The lord asks him this question and he just answers?  Assuming his god just was curious and didn't have some reason for asking?  Talk about presumption!  I guess Bob is so important the creator of the universe has to ask HIM about the election - one that creator already knows the outcome to...
Bob is the most seasoned and wise prophetic person I know, and in great wisdom, he embraced this correction. Even the greatest prophets still see in part and prophesy in part. We have had many prophetic words come true exactly as they were given, but we misinterpreted them until they were fulfilled. I still consider interpretation one of the greatest weaknesses in the prophetic ministry, but it was also this way throughout history, including biblical history. Even so, I believe we must do better with interpreting what we are being shown prophetically.
Oh, yes, the most seasoned - he's been around so long his "prophesies" don't just stink, they reek...
This past election was too good of an opportunity to learn to sweep it under the rug. I feel that I have learned something profound almost every day since the election. Wisdom and understanding are worth much more than gold or silver. I am sorry that we did not do better in understanding this election, but I love the correction because of what I’m learning. If we learn our lessons from this, they could save us in far more crucial times to come. I hope this is helpful, and I have a bit more to share next week.
Lessons?  What lessons?  How to make better prophesies?  If he'd said that joining the real world and understanding that your ideals, values and policies are not what the majority of Americans want, like, and are willing to vote for, I'd think he was on the right track.

As it is, he still lives on the planet Wingnutia.  Pitiful at best.

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