Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not a European Pope, but kinda sorta maybe...

Born in Buenos Aires of a father who was an Italian railroad worker.

So, yeah, he was born in the country and raised there, but he's got Italian blood, so at least that settles the bigots in the church who couldn't abide the idea of a "foreign" pope of hispanic blood, but were increasingly under pressure to select a non-European Pope.

So we still have yet to see a non-white pope.

To his credit, he's a Jesuit, who are known for their vows of poverty and caring for the downtrodden the poor and the less fortunate.  I mean, this guy even took the bus and cooked for himself!

But he fits the conservatives' requirements, as he is strictly anti-gay, so I would assume he also fits the anti-condom, anti-birth control etc., misogynistic ideals of the conservatives as well.  We shall see as time goes on.

I mean, ONE DAY?  The food at these conclaves must be getting really bad, or somebody was missing their Facebook fix...

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