Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Religious Harm - Jewish style.

In my continuing series of articles on the harm religion does, the latest is a bit dated, since I've been busy playing Daddy Day Care this week and didn't have a chance to blog much.

It seems that in the State of Israel, where the Jewish Orthodox hold a desperate and tenacious hold on an outsized amount of political influence, the government has arrested and then released 5 women for the dastardly offense of praying at the wrong place.

To be sure, there is an effort at coming to a compromise over the situation, but in a country whose religion, as practiced by an influential few, is about as misogynistic as it comes, a compromise is hard to come by.

This time, the actual "harm" isn't specifically to these women, as they were released without charge.  This time.  The harm is to the peace and order in a society which chooses to worship in a religion which makes women second class citizens, not only restricting them from major religious activities, but supposedly espousing the virtually complete separation of the sexes.

Aren't women's lives hard enough without putting artificial obstacles in their paths as well?

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