Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No, they haven't gone away.

Lately, it sure seems quiet, doesn't it?  Except for nut cases like Ted Cruz and Pat Robertson, you'd think all the right wing nut cases had just gone and disappeared!  It's been downright... well, almost... rational lately.

Don't let it fool you!

They haven't gone away, they're just closeted somewhere, plotting how they're gonna close the government and kill the global economy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling - all to prove how government doesn't work!  How better to prove that by causing all those Socialist countries in Europe to fail, too!  Bonus!

Listen carefully and you can still hear them, muttering quietly to themselves, hoping the rest of us won't overhear.  It's downright scary, I tell you, when we have to resort to reading about Maine politicians at the township level being right wing crazy in order to get our fix of right wing nut bags.

I mean, what is a progressive atheist blogger going to do for material?  Talk about guns in schools in Tampa?  Geez!  This is maddening!

It's terrible!  In order to fill space, I've got to talk about stories like an atheist in New Jersey of all places whose request for a vanity license plate "ATHE1ST" was at first rejected, but got accepted after all the publicity made them look bad.

Come on, GOOD news?  Is this any way to sell a blog?  Come on, Boehner!  I need CRAZY!  I need Insanity!  Come back to Washington, guys!  Please?  Drama!  Action!  Talking heads!  We need it all!

I might have to resort to going crazy myself.

Oh, wait...

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