Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Posturing vs. Reality

It is never so obvious when political posturing is exactly that than when a State is acting in its own best interests - reducing outlay - and simultaneously doing the best for its citizens.

The current political climate is a perfect stage for this to be center stage, front and floodlit.

Obama is the evil "other" (read that as "ni**er" to many Republicans) and thus cannot be compromised with nor negotiated with at the peril of a conservative losing his white conservative membership card, the right wing fundamentalist crazies have taken center stage, the floodlights and the orchestra pit by constantly refusing to have anything to do with anything the President has put his name to.  It is so bad, a common meme on Facebook is the suggestion that Obama could rid himself of his enemies by simply suggesting that humans survive by breathing oxygen, thus forcing all fundies to hold their breaths...

Thus, "ObamaCare", the appellation given to the President's signature legislative victory, has been denigrated, put down and vilified in spite of its right wing birth as "RomneyCare".  Republicans are so set upon destroying it as a viable program, they've tried to repeal it at least 43 times.  All unsuccessful, of course, since the Constitution specifies that the Senate and the President have to agree, which won't ever happen.  That doesn't stop them from trying, however.

State after State has refused to cooperate with the ACA's provisions of expanding Medicare, thus attempting to cause rates in their States to possibly be higher than in States that are.  As of this date, however, at least two States have announced that in spite of this non-cooperation, rates in both are likely to be much lower than anticipated.  Florida and Georgia.  So much for that tactic!

All this of course, is to torpedo the ACA, at least in the public's eye, so it will be poorly implemented and accepted so as to cause its failure.

All in an attempt to make the black guy look like a failure, too.

So, how does this set the stage for your typical but now front and center political posturing which rises to the level of hypocrisy?  Easy.

The great State of Texas (my birth State), while Rick Perry And Ted Cruz posture politically, Texas Proudly Implements Obamacare!

This week, Texas senator Ted Cruz is engaged in a pitched battle to defund Obamacare. He has pledged to filibuster any bill to fund the government that includes money for the Affordable Care Act. 
Last week, Texas governor Rick Perry went out of his way to insult the new program. In a letter he sent directing the Texas Department of Heath and Human Services to reject federal funds meant to enable the state to insure more low-income citizens through Medicaid, Governor Perry told the Texas HHS to ask for the funds as a block grant to be used to teach Texans “personal responsibility.” 
Meanwhile back at the ranch… At the very same time Governor Perry was disparaging Obamacare, and Senator Cruz was trying to kill it, the director of the Texas’ high risk insurance pool (known as THIP) was notifying Texans that Obamacare sign up is set to begin October 1, telling them how great the new program is, and encouraging them to enroll.
Now, I'll be the first to admit that this kind of posturing and hidden about faces are simply the stuff of politics these days.

But you rarely see it so poorly hidden.   So, without further ado, here's the letter:

Granted, nothing in there says "ObamaCare", or even "Affordable Care Act", but nothing else has that Marketplace it so proudly points to.

Well done, Texas, well done!

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