Sunday, September 15, 2013

Whew! I've been remiss for the last week!

I am truly sorry for not being here.  It has been a busy week, not the least of which has been the birth of the 7th and 8th grandkids of ours!  Boy and girl - Ben and Maddie!  Twins!

But there just hasn't been a lot of time for writing, plus I had a couple of series of books that were just begging to be read, and I just hate to torture books like that.  I was taught better.

What I wasn't, was taught how to write and read at the same time - different books, that is.  Or, to be correct, reading books and writing posts.  The old mind - and it IS getting old - just isn't that resilient any longer.  I get easily distracted, and you folks did not sign on to read an atheist blog set in the far future in the middle of an alien invasion.

Or, at least, I wasn't under that impression.   Correct me if I am.

Anyway, I have begun to rectify the problem of there being no new posts, and shall post a new one tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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