Monday, March 10, 2014

Once is an accident, twice could be coincidence, three times is probably deliberate...

In the last five years since President Obama was inaugurated, Republicans have been wrong on every single issue they have addressed in both the public eye and in Congress.  They met the day he came into office and agreed to work to make him both a one term President (which failed, miserably) and an unsuccessful one.  (Also a miserable failure.)

In short, and in practice, that means if President Obama is against it, they are for it, and if he is for it, they are against it.  Birthing (pun intended) the joke that all he has to do to rid himself of them is to come out in favor of breathing...

But, as one who has watched this sad soap opera fairly closely, this isn't the first time I've seen and noted that this is such an egregious indication of racial bigotry, it is surprising more people haven't noticed until now.

But I do think some folks may be getting the message.  The President's ratings are going up, ObamaCare is growing in popularity, and more and more folks are noticing that a lot of red States are not playing fair with health care by refusing to extend Medicare, resulting in massive numbers of people lacking insurance in those States.

Healthcare may be the Republican party's undoing.

Just the other day, the Republican dominated House voted for the 50th time to repeal ObamaCare, aka., the ACA.  A bill which will, for the 50th time, die in the Senate.  I hope the Senate has a nice cozy recycling bin for all that wasted paper...

Americans LIKE the ACA.  Millions of people now have affordable insurance for the first time.  Note that term, "affordable".  Not only is it affordable, but the policies have to meet a minimum standard of provided healthcare.

Don't forget the provisions of the ACA requiring the provision of contraceptives, which 98% of American women have used at one time in their lives.  And which Conservatives are madly contesting at every possible turn, filing suit in more than one State trying to overturn on religious grounds.

Win or lose, those lawsuits WILL cause a lot of American women to see the Republicans in a different light.  A much worse light.

Like jobs, healthcare is a subject that hits every American in the paycheck.  There snit a human alive who doesn't, at one point or another, need the attention of a doctor, or at the very least, need the financial assurance that accidental injury will be covered in case of accident.   Even if you are disgustingly healthy and never get sick for a day, you are still subject to the whims of fate and Murphy's Law - accidents do happen.

More and more people are beginning to see the inhumanity of not providing people with affordable health care, especially preventive care.  As Republicans continue to fight the ACA, more people see their efforts as willfully contrary to the welfare of the American people they have sworn (as officeholders) to uphold and protect.  Willfully mean, nasty and just plain ugly.

November can't come soon enough for me, let's get together and throw the bastards out.

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