Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Genealogy! Family skeletons! (or at least old pictures...)

Sorry about the hiatus, folks, but i’ve been doing some family genealogy research.  I’ve been at it for a lot of years.  Oddly enough, a visit from a Mormon young lady to our neighborhood introduced us to it, as she explained their beliefs in family and afterlife.  That part didn’t interest me much, but the discovery that they had information from around the world on births, deaths, marriages, etc., was a wonderful thing!  she got me copies of their genealogy forms, which I started with, and still have to this day.  
As with most American families, ours is an amalgam of different cultures and heritages throughout Europe.
We’ve got family from Germany, Scotland, Ireland and probably England, too.  Peru is in the mix, and there are undoubtedly additional countries that have been brought in by marriage in recent generations I’ve not been made aware of (HINT, HINT! to the younger generation of my family, if you are reading this!).
We’ve got folks who have been cowboys, newspaper printers, lumberyard owners, soldiers, restaurant owners, engineers, and my grandfather died of injuries he sustained on his own oil well.
Each of you has his/her own story to add to the family history, but I can’t do it all.  I may or may not have the chance in the future to do further research, but I can distribute what I have to all of the family so it doesn’t get lost.  Hopefully, someone else will get interested and continue my efforts.  I hope so, because there is a lot to tell, both about the past, and about the present.
My efforts recently have borne some amazing fruit.  I’ve been able to trace one line in Germany back to the 17th century, and a similar line (from a wife of a man in that line) may go back as far.  So, we’ve got information on family for as many as eleven generations, including the current crop of little Eckenrodes my daughter has going.
Not bad for an amateur.

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