Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Oh, woe is us! (Or them, whichever)

Ok, all you rubes out there who like to smack Texas around as one of the most ignorant of States, it’s time to sit back and eat your words!
As any loyal Texan knows, Louisiana is much worse, and as a Texan with Louisiana roots, I can say that with a straight face!
What’s the problem?  Education, wouldn’t ya know it?  If those poor Cajuns weren’t in bad enough straits just bein’ Cajun and all, the local Republicans are going to go and kill off what little remains of the public education system in that poor, benighted State!
Vouchers!  Vouchers for $120 of State money, which will reduce the local public school’s portion of State money by at least that much.  Of course, who will get the lion’s share of that largess?  Religious schools, of course, that bein’ Louisiana dontchaknow?
Sein’ as how those poor rubes doin’ the scalpin’ of the public schools and all are probably the products of those schools, they’ve yet to figure out that Islamic schools will qualify for that money too.
Oh, the horror when they figure that one out!



Peachythings said...

However, I LOVE Cajuns!

Robert Ahrens said...

Don't they have a wonderful patois? ...and they curse so creatively!