Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nice shop ya got here neighbor!

Be a shame if it burned.  All that nice stuff ya got....just...gone.  Oh, did I mention? We've got a real nice fire protection plan... Everybody's familiar with the stereotypical extortion scam made famous by movies about the mafia.  Gangster comes into a neighborhood shop, makes the pitch, get thrown out, shop then burns down that night.  The rest of the neighborhood shop owners get the message, pay up.  Pretty clear message, huh? But there's another scam that makes that one look like it comes from a bunch of pikers. It goes like this: "Nice life ya got here, dude.  But there's a problem, the man upstairs, you know, the guy who made you?  He wants your endless worship and attention. (not to mention 10% of your income)  If he doesn't get it, he's going to burn your ass in hell for eternity.  If he does, you get to go to heaven and be with him instead. Sound similar?  It is, it's the same gig.  Nice shop ya got here, neighbor...pay up or go to hell for the rest of forever.  Cause I loves ya!

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