Monday, June 03, 2013

More Christian Crazy

Well, its been a while since I've done a post on how crazy those christian can get, and boy, howdy, they haven't disappointed!

Chris Rodda, whose blog "This Week in Christian Nationalism" on FreeThought Blogs is a regular stopping place for me, has a regular feature where she shares the wonderful "love" that is shared with her by Christian writers on a pretty regular basis - like every day.

Today's email is an interesting read, but I warn you, the crazy will make you want to wash your brain out with bleach when you've seen it all!

From: (email address withheld … yes, MRFF even withholds the email addresses of assholes)
Subject: your family and friends will burn first. then you
Date: June 2, 2013 11:14:38 PM MDT
To: Information Weinstein <——>

Bought your ‘No Snowflake book’. Right after Fox news reported that Ayatollah Hussein Obama appointed (should we say ‘annointed’?) you to persecute loving Christians in our U.S. armed forces. Burned that book right after reading it all. Spirit of Satan on every single page. Saw how you brought your fellow evildoers Joseph Wilson and Lawrence Wilkerson to your pentagon meeting. Our church is near a large Army base. Our church had a faith retreat this weekend. Many military families among us. You were the main topic. You are a very dangerous man to America, Michael Wienstein. You grow more dangerous every day. Especially to Jesus Christ. We have agreed that you are irredeemable. Now your forcing Christian paintings to be taken down on military bases. The pentagon is very afraid of you even. Of course that is Hussein Obama’s plan. Because if they stand up to you you will sick our Muslim president on them. You have this demonic power of darkness in abundance. Saw the pictures of you and your family in the book. Too bad for you. And worse for them. We prayed at the retreat this weekend that they will surely burn for all time. In the unquechable fires of hell. For your willing sins. John 3:36. Mark9:43. We prayed that Wilson and Wilkerson will also burn in hell for your sins, Michael Weinstien. We prayed that you will be the last to burn. So that you may first experience the divine eternal suffering of your wife, children and Wilson and Wilkerson. Our Lord and Savior has promised us this.  That He will make our prayers for you to witness those you love and care for suffer come true. It is already written. 1 John 5:14-15. Your time draws near. You think all is peaceful and secure for yourself and those you harbor. But there is no escape. 1 Thessaloninas 5:3. You will watch them all burn in chains forged by the Son of Man. And then you will burn, son of satan.

At first, I was going to just give you a little taste, but I got carried away.  (My precious baby, Pop's iMac, is having surgery to repair a failing hard drive this week, and the Blogger app on the iPad sucks at such basic things as entering url links, so you'll just have to google Chris' blog and go read her post yourself.)

As for these idiots, there are several things that stand out.

First, upon "deciding" that Mikey is irredeemable", they immediately fail their first test - because to Jesus, all things are possible - so they should simply pray for his soul, according to their scriptures.  But instead, they are praying imprecatory prayers against him, with the intention of asking god to harm him - AND HIS FAMILY!!  Not to mention his FRIENDS!!

Now, I don't know about you, but it doesn't seem to match their lord and savior's teachings to pray to harm someone, but to pray for the harm to family and friends is just so outrageous as to be completely over the top.  They also specifically pray for the eternal suffering of his wife and children.

I've written before about these dirtbags and their insistence that their brand of christianity is the right one, and that's crazy enough.  But once again, they have proven that there just isn't any humanity left in them, and their religion is simply the same thing as Islamic fundamentalism - an excuse to dominate others with their particular brand of thuggery.

This isn't religion, it is using religion to attempt to come to power for what otherwise is a secular purpose - to gain power, to wield power and to deny freedom to anyone who disagrees with them.

Unfortunately, religion, by its very nature, lends itself to this kind of thuggery and twisted gangsterism to a very high degree.  Too bad more people can't see it.

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