Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sexism. It's time for something that will make you sit up and think about it.

I ran across this on Facebook today, from UpWorthy.

It is about a site a women in Britain started, a place where women could put their stories about how they had been sexually harassed.  She thought she'd get a dozen or so - she actually got over 25,000.

From UpWorthy.

Go watch it.  Really, go.  I'd go to her site, but I don't think I could stomach it.

This is eye opening, at least for me.  Of course, nobody's going to sneak up on me on the Metro and grab my ass.  Except maybe for my wife...

Let me be clear about this.  Sexism in any form is wrong.  Harassment, discrimination, date rape, spanking your wife, you name it.  If it denigrates women, makes them unequal, pays them less, or fails to allow them the same full control and worth as human beings which men take for granted, then it is just wrong.

Even if we think we are doing it right.  Me included.

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