Friday, June 07, 2013

Really, Texas? Really? Are you people that insane?

When I grew up, Texas had a reputation of a State with a finely honed sense of justice.  We even had the Texas Rangers to prove it.  Still do, supposedly.

But what insanity has gripped the people of San Antonio that they would allow a man who would open fire on a woman, unarmed, who wasn't even looking at him to get off scott free?  When I grew up, shooting a women, even one who may have deserved it, was as close to a hanging offense as one could get in modern day Texas.

The defendant said that he paid for sex, and she refused to give it to him, so he was justified in shooting her under a Texas law that allows deadly force to retrieve stolen property.

So now, it isn't just that property is more important than a human life, but now we know just exactly how much Texans think your life is worth - if you are a woman.


I could buy a toaster for more than that.  Heck, my iPhone cost way more than that!

For shame.  For shame, I say.  Hang your heads in shame, people.

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