Thursday, April 26, 2012

A New Name, A New Identity!


I am the KING of procrastinators!  Over five years since the last post!

So, I changed the name from My Wonderful Life to The Atheistic Cyborg.  I'll probably forget the cyborg part regularly, since I'm getting old, but what the heck, you only live once.

Welcome to any new readers, and we'll see if any of the old ones figure out I'm back.

I've also posted a bit at the Washington Area Secular Humanists web site, called Secular Perspectives, so I may cross post between these two sites occasionally.

Great site, multiple posters at the same place.  WASH is a Secular Humanist community organization with an atheistic bent.  They meet once a month, and sometimes take a break in the summer, due to a lot of folks being out of town - hey, it's Washington in summer, what can I say?

Additionally, I host an atheist oriented discussion group on the third Friday of each month, and have for over three years.  We get a great crowd, which is enhanced through being advertised on  Anywhere from 8 - 23 folks, depending.  Starts at eight pm, ends somewhere between 10:30 to midnight. Quite a lively crowd, including my dog, Orion.

I often frequent a Facebook Secret Group, called Thinkers with No Malice.  Sorry, it's not an open group, but it IS a pretty cool group of folks.  Kinda liberal, but I like 'em.

This blog is going to bounce around between serious stuff, posts about Orion, or cooking, or news stories that catch my eye, or just random thoughts.  Since I'm an amateur photographer, I'l probably post pictures, too.  Maybe new stuff, maybe some of my older favorites.

So, enjoy, and if you like what you see, pass the link along.

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