Friday, April 27, 2012

Divide and Conquer

Ok, here’s one more item on the list of actions by the Republicans in their War on Women.

Yes, they passed the bill extending the low student loan interest rate, but decided to take the money from a health care fund that benefits women and children.
How many times must I type these words:  “Are these people crazy?”  Yeah, yeah, I know.  They are, but it’s really a rhetorical question anyway.
The real reason I write about this is something else.  It’s a pattern My Better Half noticed when this story broke.  In deciding to take the money from one disadvantaged group to give it to another, the Republicans are, once again, pitting one portion of the 99% against another.
This is a typical tactic they’ve used again and again, over the last few decades.   It is disgusting, reprehensible, dishonest, and just plain mean.  But it works.  Time and time again, they’ve managed to distract us with this loathsome scheme, and it’s about time we caught on and did something to call them out on it.
The first thing one can do in a situation like this is simply to recognize what’s happening and spread the word.  So, do it.  Link to the CNN article, post it on Facebook (which I’ll do too), email it to family and friends, tweet it if you can, until it goes viral.  We have the power to stop this, but only if enough people online move to make it known and make their displeasure known as well.
Let’s not let them get away with this one!

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