Monday, April 30, 2012

Ok, call me a conspiracy nut, go ahead.

You know, I followed the JFK assassination closely, in spite of being just ten years old.  I remember that more clearly than I remember my Dad in that same period.  Strange, how some things stick with you and others slip away.

When RFK was killed, some six years later, I was involved in high school at Allen Military Academy, and TV wasn't really available to us there.  So, I saw little of it and never really let it bother me too much.

But I always wondered if the two were, somehow, linked.  The idea that two brothers, one a President and one his Attorney general, were to end up assassinated, each by a lone, crazy gunman, just seemed a bit too much of a stretch.  I'd always doubted the Warren Commission findings.  Too many witness accounts of shadowy figures, shots from the grassy knoll, law enforcement figures at that location much quicker than one would imagine, acting oddly.  The Oswald assassination closely following the initial crime, so obviously intended to shut the man up, and the fact that his killer was so closely linked to the Mob, all just seemed a bit too obvious to me, a ten year old kid, for law enforcement to have ignored!

And now, a long quiet witness to the RFK crime has spoken up, alleging that the FBI altered her statement, that the number of shots fired were at least twelve to fourteen, instead of the eight that the authorities claimed Sirhan Sirhan fired.  She also notes that there were numerous other changes, including the directions of the shots, directly opposite of where the lone convicted gunman was supposed to have fired.

Once again, CNN has the story.

Her account is clear, and she claims to remember it as if it were yesterday.  Further, an acoustics expert says the lone recording shows, with modern computer analysis, as many as thirteen shots, many coming too close together to be able to have been fired from the 22 revolver introduced into evidence, which, in any case, only held eight rounds.

Yes, it is odd that the law enforcement authorities investigated these two cases, six years apart, determined that two lone gunmen each killed their targets independently of one another, and never even tried to investigate the possibility that the two may have been linked.

But both cases involve shadowy figures linked to the mob, and both RFK and JFK campaigned relentlessly against the mob, and eventually the FBI broke it, at least in New York.  Yet, strangely, nobody seems to have thought that the killings may have been payback.  I wonder why not, when the mob is the one organization in this country at the time which almost always answered such threats with violence, often against law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors!

As Lewis Carroll would say, curiouser and curiouser.


Peachythings said...

I have never read such a compelling explanation of why this might be a conspiracy...I had always chosen to assume the Warren Commission was telling the truth, but now you'e given me something to think about.

Robert Ahrens said...