Thursday, November 01, 2012

2012 Voter Guide of GOP ReBiblican Candidates for State Governor & Lt. Governor now online!

I'm a bit late with this, but the Kryptonite Project now has the 2012 Voter Guide of GOP ReBiblican Candidates for State Governor & Lt. Governor online now.

This entire project is a wonderful resource, and they deserve all the publicity they can get.  Besides, the information is vital to intelligent voters.

So, now, go and see if your Governor or Lt. Governor is on that list!

There are currently twelve states that will be electing Governors and Lt. Governors in 2012. Just as the Congressional races are of the utmost importance to preserving our freedoms and the core values of a democratic society, the state elections are equally as crucial.
We have all witnessed the unparalleled drama that is being carried out across this country with the war being waged against women, reproductive rights, birth control, etc., as well as the draconian laws being enacted against immigrants, people of color, and those simply seeking to marry the person they love. We have fought the battles against Personhood Laws, Ultra-Sound and Sonogram Legislation, the Defense of Marriage Act, Anti-Sharia Law Legislation, racial profiling laws and voter ID laws. All of which were introduced and supported by ultra-right wing Rebiblicans who are attempting to run their theocratic agenda’s from the halls of power.
Below is a list of just such Rebiblicans who are running in state elections for either Governor or Lt. Governor. Vote your conscience – vote with your ballot and your wallets – but, above all, vote informed.

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