Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crazy Christians in (where else?) Leesburg, Virginia.

This has been picked up by several of the big atheist blogs, so I guess I could mention it here - especially since it's so close to home.

A Loudoun County, Virginia member of the Board of Supervisors has weighed in on a long time controversy in Leesburg regarding the governing of the seasonal christmas displays on the Loudoun County Courthouse lawn.  This year, the BoS set some very stringent rules that are threatening to cut back on the number of displays local atheist groups can display there, and this particular member is a rabid theist (jewish, strangely enough) and had this to say about the local group, NOVA Atheists:

From the Washington Times:

While Mr. Wingrove has participated in courthouse lawn holiday decorations for years, he criticized this year’s Loudoun County-sponsored displays that can stand unattended — a Christmas tree, menorah and Santa with his sleigh — as promotion of specific religious beliefs and a violation of the separation of church and state. 
But Mr. Reid disagrees. 
“None of the religious organizations in the county have had any problem with what we’re doing,” he said. “It’s strictly this group of terrorists. They’re fanatics who basically want to stamp out religion in all public life and property.”

Terrorists?  Terrorists are trying to enforce the First Amendment against Religionists attempts to push their crap down our throats?  Really?  As for none of the religious groups in Loudoun Country objecting, why would they?  It isn't their displays which are being discriminated against!

Somewhat later, Mr. Reid was interviewed on local channel 4 (NBC):

Not exactly a sincere apology, is it?  Not exactly forced, but not very sincere, either.

This guy, and all of the other Supervisors, need an object lesson in the First Amendment.  This kind of behavior is reprehensible, childish and unAmerican.

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