Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Even if they're no longer with us, they're with somebody...

One of the more discouraging aspects of today's political scene, as cracked and crazy as it is, is the fact that, even if the nut bags get sidelined by the voters, they're still out there, and at some point, somebody is going to have to put up with them.

Case in point.

Brad Staats, 43, who describes himself as a 'family matters' conservative, ran for Tennessee's tenth District seat in Congress, and was soundly defeated 65-33 percent by Five-term Democrat incumbent Jim Cooper.

Staats, who made a name for himself by publicly displaying his gun on his Facebook page and taunting President Obama, was arrested early on Sunday morning at his home in Hermitage, Tennessee.
Police had received a phone call from his wife Bethany Staats, claiming that he had slapped her during a disagreement.  When they arrived, she displayed a marked cheek as a result.

He was was booked into Davidson County Jail at 3.39 am on Sunday, and was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic assault, posted a $5,000 bond and was later released. A trial date was set for February 7, 2013.

Family values, huh?  Now, where have I heard that phrase before?

Oh!  I know!  That's the phrase which has been bandied about by republican after republican before they got caught banging the secretary or a gay hooker or arrested in an airport restroom stall for having a "wide stance"...

Give it up, folks.  Nobody with two brain cells to rub together believes that crap anymore, and the ones with just one are beginning to wonder.  Family values are just right wing dog whistle phrasing for keeping the wimmens at home, barefoot and preggers, bruised, battered and bewildered.

One must point out that the spouses of men who own guns are something like five times more likely to get shot in case of domestic violence - and Mr. Staats bragged rather widely that he always carried that piece with him.

In this case, while the voters don't have to deal with this nutbag anymore, his wife does.

I am seriously wondering whether sending this guy back home was really a good idea.  I'm sure that his wife wishes he'd gone to DC.


Ed Haines said...

You miss the point. After all, his spouse is of the opposite sex. In addition, being female, he can consider her as his property to do with as he wishes in keeping with the finest Abrahamaic traditions.

Robert Ahrens said...

And you missed mine - while you are right, the point is that after all is said and done, and the election is over, these clowns do not just disappear, they are still around, and in this case, his wife is the worst for it.