Friday, November 02, 2012

PACs and Endorsers – The Money Behind the 2012 GOP ReBiblican Candidates Online!

The Kryptonite Project is at it again, their lists just don't stop!

This the other list you've been waiting for, the one that explains to you who those names are you keep seeing behind the money.

It isn’t enough to share the candidates running for office as GOP ReBiblicans, it is also necessary to give you the list of some of the money behind them. Money talks. It buys your way in through the doors of power and authority, and we witness it every election year. So, just who is buying our elections and speaking with louder voices than the collective citizenry could ever have? Have you ever wondered just who your representative is beholden to and just where some of these flagrantly discriminatory pieces of legislation were given birth?
Go visit this web site - their efforts this year to inform us have been outstanding and unflagging!  Share their URL and pass the word as far and as wide as you can!

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