Monday, July 01, 2013

First Wisconsin, then Michigan, now Texas.

Well, thank you, Senator Wendy Davis!  You have shown that there are enough people in the South, specifically Texas, to draw a crowd when a legislature begins to cross the line!

I am truly beginning to wonder if the Republican Party has truly lost its collective mind.  IS it possible for a political party to just go crazy?  Is it possible for the Republican leadership to go so far that even their base will abandon them?

Geez, it's stupid enough to continue this nutzoid War on Women, potentially alienating half of the electorate.  But to start going after minority groups that are likely to surpass the number of whites by the middle of the century?

The point there is that you don't have to wait that long for the numbers to be able to tell.  The Hispanic voter base already outnumbers Conservatives in raw numbers.  So do the raw number of blacks.  Both groups, while not always a solidly reliable voting block, DO usually vote together on certain issues and for or against certain politicians often enough to be called a loose block.

The continued race towards Theocracy will most certainly keep the Jewish vote solidly Democratic for the most part.  I wonder if the 20% called The Nones can be counted on to begin to vote their interests...

So, who is left?  Who else but the white, male Southern voter?  Virtually every other voter in the US is either under attack, almost under attack, being kept from the polls by arbitrary draconian voter ID laws or just ignored by the Republican Party.

These people are so nuts that they are still talking up the possibility of secession!

Come on, people.  This isn't 1860, the Southern economy isn't based on slavery any longer, and you LOST the secession fight the last time!  Reconstruction was so damn bad parts of the South still haven't recovered, if there was ever any economy there to fight over in the first place.  In short, the fight over States Rights, while not exactly settled Federal Law, is a lot more settled in favor of the Feds than you think it is, I don't care how Conservative the Supreme Court may be.  You just cannot declare a Federal law to be ineffective in your State, it says so right there in the Constitution you supposedly worship so highly!  You might want to read it next time, instead of worshiping it.  You won't look nearly so stupid the next time you open your mouth unless you ignore what you read.

I've said it before in these pages, and I'll say it again.  Democrats, Progressives - wake up!  The Republicans have allied themselves not only with the rich cats, but they've allowed the Dominionists wolves in the door, too!  Believe me, if you aren't the right flavor of Christian, these guys will lump you in with us heathen atheists, just you wait and see!  As for the Catholics, you can be as fundamentalist Catholic as you wish, but if you acknowledge the Pope as the head of your church, eventually, when they no longer need your vote to take over, you'll end up behind barbed wire like the rest of the "unbelievers".

Yeah, sounds alarmist, doesn't it?  It is, yes, but in a very real way, it IS true, IF this country doesn't wake up and begin moving away from the nutcases.  Case after case can be seen today where extremist christians ignore Federal law, ignore the Constitution and flout their privilege however they wish - saying prayers in school, council meetings, teaching creation nonsense in schools, and in some places, actually allowing religious instruction IN PUBLIC SCHOOL.

This is unacceptable, and is INTENDED to show that they can ignore the Constitution whoever they wish.  that they think they are ABOVE the law.

We cannot allow this, we must bring this country back to some semblance of sanity.

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