Wednesday, July 03, 2013

More Republican Crazy (Can this really continue much further?)

In Virginia, the man who is the GOP candidate for Attorney General wanted to pass a law that will force Virginia women to have to report a miscarriage to the POLICE within 24 hours or face jail time.  I don't know about you, but from what I've heard, that is prime time for all kinds of mental anguish, depression, grief and who knows what else as a result from losing what many women see as a happy thing - having a baby.  Even women who aren't especially glad to be pregnant are subject to mental anguish and such just from the biological effects.

Yet, it is within these first 24 hours that the wannabe Guv wants women to get on the phone and call the cops to report the loss of that potential child, or what they may be thinking of as an impediment to a good future.  Either way, this requirement is a violation of a woman's essential privacy!  There is NO essential State interest in obtaining such private health information, and the State has no right to intrude on her private thoughts and whether or not the child was wanted.

The bill, which was presented for passage in May and did fail, would have carried a fine of up to $2,500 and as much as a year in jail as a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

Why?   What overriding purpose would the State have for requiring women to do this?  Is this just another burdensome, idiotic bureaucratic rule to just harass women, or would there be some hidden, nefarious purpose we don't yet see?

Well  what about this?

In Mississippi, the abortion wars have resulted in criminalization of women for drug use.  Is this just a small step on the way to prosecuting women for miscarriages as attempted abortions?
Earlier this year, Mississippi's neighbor to the east, Alabama, set its own precedent for prosecuting pregnant women for drug use. In January, the Alabama Supreme Court upheld convictions against two women—Amanda Kimbrough and Hope Ankrom—for "chemical endangerment" of a child, under a 2006 law that was written to punish people who expose children—not fetuses—to illegal drugs. Kimbrough gave birth prematurely to a baby boy who died shortly thereafter; she was charged after testing positive for meth. Ankrom gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but she was charged after he was found to have marijuana and cocaine in his system.
Laws that criminalize hurting or killing fetuses are pitched as ways to protect pregnant women from abuse but are often used to prosecute those same women, NAPW says. The group has documented more than 400 cases across the country in which these laws have been used to detain or jail pregnant women. 
 Back during the election, a lawmaker in Mississippi proposed a law that would have required every miscarriage in the State to be investigated to ensure that it wasn't a botched, amateur abortion.

I know that these aren't especially new stories, but they indicate a rising level of craziness on the part of State officials to bring the War on Women to crazier and crazier levels.

Look out, ladies, I don't think it will matter of you are Republican or Democrat - if you have a vagina, you are just a baby production unit to these folks.  And production units don't have rights, unless, of course, they are Corporations.

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