Monday, July 22, 2013

Something else that never stops.

A lot of my writing here has been to show how crazy the right wing can get.  Most of that has been about politicians, but the occasional right wing fundie preacher shows up, too.

Today, a special one, because this one is about the large undercurrent of religious hubris that finds its way into the mailboxes - both real and virtual - of those the right wing decides to hate.

First, I take you to Kingston, Canada.  Some enterprising right wingers have decided that targeting the gay ladies there is the way to go!
Addressed to "Lesbian bitches," the letter demands that the recipients leave the city as soon as possible or face all manner of harassment (read the full letter here).
It is signed, "In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, our savior"

Second, is an email sent to Mikey Weinstein, of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), as posted to his website, along with responses by some of Mikey's followers.

Dear Military Religious Freedom Foundation, 
Mikey Wienstien is an enemy to American people. I will die for Jesus Christ and fight for Jesus Christ. I fought for this country for freedom. Not for people like Mikey to steal it. Mikey will fall like the coward him and his family is. If he thinks he’s gonna win then he will soon be crushed like the Nazi regime he supports. He is the same as a child rapist or adolf Hitler. You will never take god from us. This country was founded on it. Watch as you fail. 
(name withheld)
 Don't you just love those lovin' Christians?  The MRFF gets lots of these, every day.  Many prominent atheists do, too.  In fact, anybody these clowns don't like are liable to get targeted like this.

I classify this under both Religious Harm and Just Plain Crazy.

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