Thursday, July 18, 2013

Speaking of Racism, Its version will kill the Republican Party

Yesterday, I wrote about racism.  Much of it was pointing at the institutional racism that has resulted from the last forty years of efforts to stifle the most blatant expressions of it.

Today, I turn my attention to another aspect of it and a practical application of how that modern version of institutional racism will probably kill the Republican Party.

The article I will point you to tonight is from The Texas Monthly.  The article was written by Robert Draper, and is entitled, "The Life and Death (and Life?) of the Party".  It is an excellent examination of the prospects of the Democratic Party to change Texas from Red to Blue, or perhaps just Purple.  Personally, I see it as a bit pessimistic, but then, I am not a politician, I'm a blogger.  (sort of)
Dallas County, now mainly composed of minorities, went from red to blue in 2006 and has remained a Democratic stronghold ever since. Nearly 15 percent of the state’s general-election voters reside in Harris County, and a majority of them supported Obama in both 2008 and 2012. And the trend is spreading. 
Now, some stats to back it up.
Demography is the driver of this runaway freight train. The 2010 census found that the state’s population had increased by 4.3 million over the previous decade and that more than 3.3 million of the new inhabitants were minorities. Of these, an astounding 2.8 million were Hispanic, historically a reliable constituency for Democrats. These numbers conveyed a new reality: the Texas political landscape was getting friendlier for Democrats and tougher for Republicans.  
The mentioned demographics don't stop there, many projections show clearly that the US as a whole is set to go majority minority by 2050.  Already, nationwide, the birth numbers are higher in raw numbers for minorities than for whites.

Again and again, the Republican Party has managed to alienate every voting block except white Southern males.  Immigration, abortion rights, contraceptives, food stamps, taxes, the debt "crisis" they manufactured for their own political gain which has hurt almost every low to middle income American, efforts to stifle voting rights through their voter ID laws, elimination of early voting laws creating Election Day lines of up to 8 hours in some States, batshit crazy statements about rape, pregnancy, science, education and religion have created a hostile atmosphere for just about anybody who isn't white, male and living in the old Confederacy.

Or rich, let's not forget the rich.  They're laughing all the way to the bank.  The ones they own, of course.

I've written before about how I see the modern Republican Party as headed towards the brink of destruction.  This article, no matter how pessimistic about the prospects of the Democrats, is just further proof that their train is still headed for the chasm without a bridge.  Geez, just two years ago, not a reporter in the country would have touched that story.  Now it's published by the Texas Monthly.

Let's get behind that train and help push it over the cliff!

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