Sunday, September 16, 2012

False Argument Syndrome. In other words, what’s wrong with this Presidential campaign.

Remember a while back I offered some debate advice for Republicans?  In reality, they didn’t need it - they’re using it in the Presidential campaign!  Namely, the Gish Gallop.

You remember the Gish Gallop?  Where one throws so much garbage into a debate that your opponent has no time to respond to it all, so you can simply declare victory and walk away?

Well, this is the campaign version of that - a series of false arguments thrown out into the media, timed so that the media is forced to focus on the lies and your opponent is forced to respond to prevent them from becoming “true” through the omission of a counter-argument, preventing your opponent’s desired message from ever being given a decent chance to get aired.

This is a result of the fact that the Republicans’ first choice of campaign attacks - the economy - was preempted by the simple fact that the economy has gotten better - and few people are fooled by the Republicans’ attempts to keep that subject in the air.  It has, in short, fallen flat with a big, loud splat.

So have the attempts by Republicans at the State level to pass and enforce voter ID laws.  Most places have had them decimated by the courts.  So, all the Republicans have at this point is the old tried and true Gish Gallop, campaign style.

Romney has taken to it with a vengeance, not only proudly pronouncing the lies with a certainty borne of desperation, but doubling down on them when called out on it!  Well, don’t count on the old Gish Gallop this time, old chump.  People are getting wise to it, and don’t think for a moment that your buddies in the Republican Party are going to ignore your religious roots.

Romney is down at the polls in State after State, especially after making his series of gaffes during the recent embassy attacks.  I guess there really is a point where even the most ignorant finally wakes up and begins to dimly perceive the light in the tunnel as an oncoming train!

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