Friday, September 14, 2012

My New Car!

Bought on the twelfth, pre-ordered to my specifications.  Nissan Altima Sedan 2.5 SL, Cayenne Red with Tan interior, loaded with their technology package.  Almost all the bells and whistles, just not the top-of-the-line stuff like the big engine or the bright white lights, etc.

Enjoy the photos!


New car reviews said...

Nissan is one of my favorite car brands. The above car is looking simply awesome. I love its both interior and exterior very much. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

Oldfart said...

So, when do you start school to learn how to use it?

Robert Ahrens said...

The only reason they don't require a pilot's license to drive these things is that they never leave the, the instrument panel is loaded!
Thanks, "New Car Reviews", I've always liked the Altima, and this is the nicest one yet.

Kerstin Shed said...

Congratulations on your new car! What I like about this car is that it has the heater seat cushion. That will be handy on long drives during winter, as sometimes your body can get numb from seating for so long in the cold. I hope your car has that feature installed.

Robert Ahrens said...

Not only heated seats, but a heated steering wheel! With remote start, which is standard on all Nissans in 2013. This winter should be a lot nicer!

Patrick said...

I may be a bit late, but congratulations on your new car! =) You picked a great color! I know you wouldn’t want it to fade or get damaged easily, so I suggest you make sure your car’s exterior is always protected. Apply wax on your car’s surface after you’ve washed it, and put on a car cover if ever you need to leave it in an open field for a long time.

Patrick Gauer