Monday, September 03, 2012

More crazy - just outside the US this time...

I didn't write about this when it happened, I wasn't feeling so well, and there was plenty going on INside the US to occupy my attention.

Back around the 20th of August, a 12 year old Pakistani christian girl (with autism) was accused by a Pakistani Imam of carrying a bag to the trash which contained pages of the koran which had been burned.  She and her family had to be detained, both for her crime and for their protection, once the muslim mob got going.  Also, some 600 other christians in that area had to flee to avoid mob violence, not an unusual occurrence in muslim countries - especially in the poorer parts of town.

Well, knock me down and shiver me timbers, but look who is now in the lockup!  It seems that the Imam who originally brought the charges in the first place has now been accused of being the one who planted the pages in the girl’s bag in the first place as a means of achieving his apparently desired result of driving those poor Christians away from the area.

Now he is being charged with blasphemy, although I'd bring him up on charges of filing a false police report and perjury.

One of the biggest things I see is not only how he wasn't afraid of the wrath of Allah for burning pages of his holy book, but he was unafraid of being caught falsifying the charges against the girl.

Now, just exactly how many people in that mob who chased the other christians away are now going to even think about how they were used by this pig to achieve his secular aims, but, instead, are going to be outraged by his profaning of a koran?  Are any of them going to sit down and see how they were cynically used by this man?  Will they see their own small part in this tragedy, or simply turn away from the thought by the familiar outrage manufactured by the clerical class for political or cynical reasons that have nothing to do with religion?

Think about that.

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