Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time for another rant!

Ok, sometimes this just ticks me off.

I know that this election is different.  I've been watching elections since the Kennedy win in 1960.  There's always been an unspoken, but mostly observed agreement in politics, at least in the twentieth century, and that was that we are all Americans, and it is acknowledged that we all have America's best interests at heart.  Different approaches, different ideas, different pathways, yes, but always there was the agreement that, at the end of the day, we could all go out and have a beer together.

Not anymore.  You hear people, often on both sides, but mostly on the right, carrying on about how the other guys are out to destroy America.  The attitude that goes with that statement is poison, hatred.  The right wing uses such dog whistle phrases as marxist, socialist, foreigner, unAmerican and all sorts of things which hint at Obama's race to excite their base and it gets downright nasty.

As the campaign move on and gets closer and closer to election day, the polls have been slowly moving towards a trend - one which shows Obama in the lead in most if not all of the swing States.  Some more, some less, but it seems to be a trend.  The right wing now has this new meme, that pollsters have been sampling more Democrats, so "of course" they'll be biased towards Democrats.  Geez, if you don't like the polls, you can just drown 'em out, right?  It fits the other trends in Republican tactics where reality just doesn't seem to be on the list anywhere.  What they're not telling you is that Fox News - that darling of the right wing - agrees with these polls!

Now at some point, somebody out there, maybe that "anonymous" which used to object so much to my  posts, will point out that I've posted things here which accuse some Conservatives of being "un-American" and out to "destroy America".

Yep and you'll see 'em again, too, because there's proof.  Hell, they're even saying it!  I don't have to make things up, all I've got to do it quote them and link to their statements, which I've done more than once.

The difference is, when some bonehead on Facebook accuses Obama of being out to destroy America,  he's never able to actually tell you how.  He can't prove that Obama is a foreigner, or a socialist, or a muslim, or an atheist (yes, they've accused him of all of those - at the same time, no less), but they are convinced that if they can just convince the country of these things, he'll be impeached and thrown out of office and all of his socialist laws (that started out as right wing ideas) would get overturned as being signed by an illegal President, thus are illegal.

All of this is simply due to the right wing being unable to see that their ideas are being roundly rejected by America.  We don't like making abortion illegal, we like the idea of gay marriage, we like contraception, we don't want women to be restricted from needed health care, we don't want them to be kept barefoot and pregnant, we want them to be able to have full and fulfilling careers of just about anything they want to be! We don't want others' religion to be forced down our throats, we don't want ours to be forced on anybody else, either.  We believe in helping others through a government safety net which is designed to help people in trouble get through that trouble, we want every American to have access to health care, even if they can't afford their own insurance - and we don't want that health care to be solely 911!

We want the right wing to stop being bigoted, to stop being mean, to stop being a bunch of lying, nasty bullies that will call anybody who disagrees with them unAmerican or a socialist.  (We want them to go to school and learn what those things really are!)

Get it?  Stop being fools who have been snookered and dog whistled into supporting a Party that only cares about the rich and can't wait to throw all you poor Conservatives (especially those who are on welfare) out on the street so they can reduce their taxes to zero.

The least you can do is just start being civil again.


Oldfart said...

Very well written.

Robert Ahrens said...

Thank you, sir!