Friday, February 01, 2013

I wish they HAD slapped his wrist, it would have been worse than this!

Remember Cardinal Mahoney?  Oh, you know, the guy I wrote about a few days ago, who aided and abetted criminal priests for decades in LA avoid the legal ramifications of their pedophilia?  Yeah, that one.  (Patooie... splat.  Oh, sorry bout the rug!))

Well, he's back in the news again, sort of.  It seems the current head guy in charge of the ArchDiocese of LA, Archbishop Jose Gomez, has removed Mahoney of all his remaining pastoral and administrative duties after the public release of the priests' records exposing Mahoney's culpability in aiding and abetting their criminal acts.

That's it?  They forced him into retirement?  Here's a man who has spent the last forty years keeping the law (and the public) from discovering that the Catholic Church had a pedophilia problem by making the problem worse instead of better, and the only thing they can think of to deal with the issue is to force him into retirement?

I now refer you to my previous post about this subject, linked above on the first line.  This activity of Mahoney's is NOT simple mismanagement.  It is behavior which was not only condoned by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, but was the subject of a written order by the now current Pope spelling out the actions the Church expected its members to follow, specifically designed to prevent civil authorities from discovering the problems and acting against pedophiliac priests, and potentially, the guilty cardinals as well.

I do remember in the Nuremberg Trials, when the guilty Nazi officers of the SS were charged with horrific crimes against humanity, their defense was that they were simply carrying out orders.

We hung the bastards anyway.

This situation is only a matter of degree.  Nobody's been killed, and nobody is at risk of execution.  But men like Mahoney (I refuse to use his title as a gesture of respect) only deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison.  Carrying out orders that one KNOWS to be illegal is not excused by the fact that one may lose their job if they refuse.  There is a duty to refuse the orders and do what one knows is right.

These men are supposed to be men of god.  they are tasked with teaching their human "flocks" the route to heaven.  Sexually abusing the innocent children of those flocks is not on the list of duties expected of men of god.

Again, this is another symptom of an organization corrupted by generations of a culture where this activity is not only condoned, but is a part of it and allowed, indeed, probably even controlled by unwritten rules.

Disgusting.  Simply disgusting.

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Ash said...

I'd like to still hope that there aren't any 'rules' involved here but the world is going crazy so who knows. I do think one comedian said it best.

"The pope's a pedophile. Here's how I know. There are two types of people in this world, people who see nothing wrong with putting penises near children or people like me who cringe and are sicked by the idea of that. But nobody's on the fence like, 'well, I don't do it but...'."

that was a perfect explanation. no one is EVER on the fence with this. So i think at one time this organization had some truth and right to it, but over the years it's been corrupted.

but then again, this is how i see the government.

it's sick and sad, and I hope the families of these victims can find peace.