Tuesday, February 05, 2013

More Immigration, but slowly!

This isn't exactly breaking news.  There's a story on the Daily Kos about how Republicans have decided to slow down the reform of immigration.

Yep, that'll do exactly nothing to ingratiate Republicans to Hispanics and other minorities in this country.  What it will do is to help everybody to see clearly, once again, that the whole problem with immigration reform is the Republican Party.
You can only hold so many hearings, though, before people notice that you're standing in the way of meaningful reform. Especially when House Republicans like Idaho's Raul Labrador, Texas' Lamar Smith, and all the usual extremists are running around ranting against immigration policy that doesn't involve fences and guns. In the end, Republicans have a choice: change their extremist views or keep losing Latino votes. No amount of foot-dragging and equivocating will get them out of this one.
This only serves to illustrate, again, my points recently that the Republicans are slowly tearing their party apart and doing everything they can to kill its chances at another Presidential win.  You don't have to go around saying stupid, crazy and nonsensical things, all you need to do is piss off over half the electorate, and bingo!

Mission accomplished.  (But doing those other things, repeatedly, doesn't help either.)

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