Thursday, February 14, 2013

Republicans make history again!

Republicans have made history again, but this time it is a new low.  Rachael has the scoop.
For the very first time in American history, a cabinet nominee was brought to the Senate floor, filibustered by a minority of members, and came up short of 60 votes.
Note that the nominee, Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, is a Republican!  He's from their own Party!   One has to wonder what is going through these clowns' heads'.  The man has always been very well respected as a member of his Party, and was expected to get through this mess, though nobody expected it to be a quick easy slide in.

But the thing that has me wondering is just what is going through Harry Reid's mind right now?  I mean, the man had the power to shut this crap down.  Stop it in its tracks cold.

And he threw it away.

It seems the Democrats have this uncanny ability to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory.  One more example of their ability to fail to miss any good opportunity to miss an opportunity!

Rachael again:

The Senate wasn't designed to work this way. For about two centuries, it didn't have to work this way. But the radicalization of the Republican Party has led to a political environment in which we end up using the word "unprecedented" an awful lot. 

GOP obstructionism has reached epidemic levels in recent years. Today, to a historic degree, it got worse.
 And the Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves this time.

Paint me disgusted.

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