Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sanity returning or just Republican's infighting?

Well, finally, there is some very good news today!  The House, with the help of some 87 Republicans who seem to have retained at least a modicum of political sense, passed the Violence Against Women Act today, which will not go to the President's desk, where it has a 150% chance of being signed into law.  Frankly, it'll be lucky to hit his desk - he'll probably meet it in the hallway coming in the door!

This represents a major defeat for Boehner, and it comes during a heightening intra-party rumble as Republicans increasingly fight over whether a pure ideological approach is better, or whether to bow to public pressure and retain some semblance of sanity. Boehner is, some say, at risk for his leadership position, as this represents at least the second major bill passed without a majority of Republican support, a position Boehner himself took as he took office in 2010 as Speaker.

Frankly, I think this represents more than a major defeat for Boehner, but a major defeat for the Republican Party in general.  This bill has been ramping up the pressure through women's groups, online petitions, and other major political players, as the misogynistic Party of "No"held its breath and threatened to turn blue if their own version of the bill didn't pass.

It failed miserably.

Is the country finally getting tired of the Tea baggers and their unsavory political positions? One can only hope...

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