Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If He's for it, We're agin' it!

There are times I despair for this country.  There are times I don't, and right now, I am laughing my tail off, watching the Republicans chewing their own tails, trying to demonstrate to each other how opposed they are to Obama.

I sit here, hot chocolate and popcorn in hand, highly entertained, and having to strap myself in my chair to keep from falling off, I'm laughing so hard.

On one hand, they are outraged when anyone on the left even mentions the word racism, yet, in their actions and in their own conversations, they illustrate so clearly how very racist and intolerant they really are.  The latest is a Washington Post poll that shows 60% of Republicans support some form of a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, but if Obama is for it, that support largely melts away.

What in the world is wrong with these people?  Either an idea is a good one, or it isn't.  Is it so drastically important that you do virtual mortal harm to this country and more than likely your own party just to make Obama look to history like a bad President?  Just because he's black?

That isn't just racist, it is disgusting, stupid, and simply amazingly moronic. Face it, Conservatives, you've lost.  Obama got elected, TWICE!  That makes him one of only 16 Presidents who have won the honor of being elected twice.  Get over it, move on.  You have some serious work to do in reforming your party and getting back on some semblance of a platform that the American people will at least partially support before you try to nominate another idiot for President.

Keep going the way you are, and you'll really need some form of divine support to make it.

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