Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christian Radio - hilarity ensues! (But hang on there for a moment...)

This is on one level a hoot.  Listen to these two morons talk for five minutes, and it is so off base, so hilariously outdated and frankly delusional that one almost falls off the chair laughing.

PZ Meyers at FreeThought Blogs has it.

But when you pick yourself up off the floor, think about this.  This is right wing Christian Radio.  It is immensely popular, and has millions of adoring listeners, nationwide.  These guys make a living out of talking like this, and millions of these folks hear them, and a lot of them actually walk away believing this crap.

The result is that the Republican Party has gotten away with almost eliminating abortion in numerous States, and is on its way to outlawing contraceptives as well.  Do you want to bet on how long it is before they start working on outlawing divorce?

Now, are there any more questions on why I and numerous other atheists claim that religion is harmful to society?

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Anonymous said...

there are segments of religion/Christianity that are harmful to society..just as there are segments of religion/Christianity that contribute to the social well being of society