Wednesday, January 09, 2013

More Madness in the Military! (Using your tax money, natch!)

Remember the other day when I posted that quote of Mikey Weinstein's post about the crazy, nutcake comic books being distributed by members of the US Military command structure - as well as military chaplains?

Well, it seems that this has been going on for a while.  I am posting a copy of an email sent to Mikey from a military spouse about an incident that occurred last April at an Easter Egg Roll on an unnaned military base.  All identifying information has been expunged to protect the identity of the reporting individual.

From: U.S. Military Spouse's E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Easter Egg Roll
Date: January 8, 2013 9:33:03 AM MST
To: Information Weinstein <>
My name is (name withheld). I am the spouse of (name, rank and U.S. military branch withheld) and we are stationed at (military installation withheld). My spouse is a (military specialty withheld) who has been deployed in combat many times. We are Methodists. On Easter Sunday 8 April 2012 my children and I attended a Easter Egg Roll on base. Sponsored by as far as I could tell my spouses commander and his staff. They were all there and very much participated. I remember that it was allowed for only children age 12 and under. We have (# of children withheld) kids under 12 so we all went. There were well over a hundred children there. Maybe two hundred? Not sure but alot. The kids were all given plastic gift bags. My youngest kept dropping hers so I held on to it for her. I don't recall what all was inside but I do remember some things. Bubble gum a plastic glasses, nose and mustache toy some pencils and erasers and a plastic magnifying glass. There was also 2 booklets. One on the meaning of Easter and the other was that manga messiah comic book. I will never forget that shock. I read that comic book right there and was disgusted. I threw it right away into the nearest trash can. I took the others in my other kids gift bags out. I threw them away too. I do admit that I was worrid that I might be seen throwing them away. I did not complain to anyone. I am not proud that I didn't but I seen what happens to those who do. When it comes to this Christian stuff in the U. S. (military branch withheld) you better be on the right side. Please do not give my name to anyone. I don't want any more trouble. But if this helps I am happy. 
(U.S. military spouse's name and all other identifiers withheld)
Now, isn't that comforting?  Even at a children oriented event, they feel perfectly justified in giving these kids (all under 12) stuff like this:

Now, I don't know about you, but even after being raised in the great State of Texas, I wouldn't give any of my kids under 12 comics like that.  Even if I believed it!

And this is being distributed to military members worldwide, with your tax money!  Now, doesn't that make you smile?

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