Monday, January 07, 2013

Demoralization in the ranks? How about at the top?

I ran into this today, thanks to Oldfart, who posted this on Facebook.

It seems that demoralization isn't only hitting the ranks of the GOP, but at the top tiers, too.  This piece on the Daily Kos by Steveningen, entitled, "A Demoralized James Dobson Admits his Defeat" is a wonderful piece about how Dobson has, while admitting that his entire pantheon of values has been thoroughly defeated in this last election, managed to twist and mangle the real lesson until it has been turned around to point at anything but the real reasons for that defeat.

So, really, the entire piece by Dobson is a thinly disguised plug for money.  Once again, he is pulling out all the stops to alarm his followers into giving up even more money on the off chance that the devil might win again.

A few quotes, which Steveningen handles quite nicely:

Now let me share my heart with you. I'm sure many of you are discouraged in the aftermath of the National Elections, especially in view of the moral and spiritual issues that took such a beating on November 6th. Nearly everything I have stood for these past 35 years went down to defeat.
Well, the election is over and we have a president who often ignores the Constitution and imposes dictatorial powers on the American people.

As I said, Steveningen handles this quite nicely, and I urge you to go read his article.

That last one was just an example of how he is taking the Democrats and their platform and twisting it all out of shape so it will fit his agenda of the Democratic Party being a mortal threat to this country and god himself.  He manages to use it as an excuse for why his agenda and values have gone down to defeat - instead of that happening because the country just doesn't like Dobson and his values.

This is a perfect example of how religion often uses fear and intimidation to freak their followers into not only following their lead, but into giving money - even in tough times - even when most people in his audience are probably having tough economic times and can hardly afford to give up what they do.

These charlatans rake in the cash taken from the misguided, uneducated and frightened followers they rope in through their TV shows, as they push a twisted, completely made up reality which will, if anyone takes it seriously, threaten their ability to respond to the real world.

Here is the real unadulterated harm of religion.  Not only the monetary harm done to those who can least afford it, but the twisting of their picture of reality in ways that prevent people from reacting to the real world properly.  When you have been convinced that sending money to a TV preacher will help him fight the devil which is supposedly taking over your country and destroying your economy, your ability to save that money against your own need as time goes on is severely impaired.  Your ability to read, research and learn about the real forces acting to reduce your retirement funds is destroyed when you are persuaded that the real culprit is the devil working through the legitimately elected President, so you must send money to various entities to help in thwarting the "devil's" work.

It is plain to see that these charlatans are, in reality, just after your money, and want to use it for their own aggrandizement and for advancing a theocratic agenda.  Neither of which will advance the ability of the American people to save for their retirement or provide for their families' needs.

Millions of dollars which should be going towards spending on the necessities these families need (and to help expand the economy) is instead going to swell the war chests of the charlatans who have no regard for the needs of this country or its poorest inhabitants.

I'd say for shame, but these miscreants have none.

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