Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Windmill Tilting - or is this more dangerous than any windmill?

There are times I feel like Don Quixote, sitting here, tilting at windmills, howling at the wilderness, hoping somewhere, someone will hear the warnings and take heed.

Then I look at my daily numbers for this blog, while still minuscule compared with the big guys, which have been climbing steadily in recent weeks, and thank you, my dear cyber-readers, for being so loyal, coming back for more.  I hope you occasionally pass on a link or two to friends and neighbors when you think I've written something they might like.

Don't forget my Facebook page, either, also entitled The Cybernetic Atheist!  I post links there to these pages, and sometimes share things I get from other pages I subscribe to there.

Thanks!  I appreciate it!

The reference to Don Quixote is even more apt as I refer you, once again, to the words of Mikey Weinstein, a man with a mission and a website for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and certainly with more influence than I, who also must feel like that famous windmill tilter himself some days.  Today, he has written more words, and sounds a clarion call to the continuing danger of the Dominionist movement within the US Military in a brand new Op-Ed piece in the Huffington Post!

His words clearly show how ingrained this movement is within the ranks of the very organizations supposedly sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, even as they conspire to overturn it.  This poison runs as high as the very highest ranks and runs through the command structure so insidiously, it would cripple this country's protective shield were they ever truly removed.

I ask you, humbly, to read his words, and pass these links on to others.  The very best protection we have to these insidious dangers is the light of publicity.  The website God's Own Party calls this the Kryptonite of the dominionist Movements - publicity!

So, please, spread the Kryptonite!  The US Military is full of dedicated soldiers, sworn to uphold the Constitution which guides this country, and many of them have sacrificed time, family and even their bodies in that service - it's beyond time for us to return the favor and help to remove this danger from their midst!

While they protect us, let's protect them!

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