Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I keep asking if they're crazy...

...but I think the answer is obvious.

Now they're suggesting that we build a fence with barbed wire on top and lock up all the gays?  We're supposed to just air drop food to them, and since they're gay, they won't reproduce, so they'll die off.

Why is it that every doggone time these fools open their mouths, they're wrong?

People who are gay are often...bisexual.  That means that some of the locked-up-gays will reproduce - and they'll most likely produce straight kids!  So, we'll end up locking up perfectly innocent kids because their parents are gay/bisexual.  Yeah, that makes sense, cause the fundies only give a damn about the kids till they're born anyway, and since their parents are gay, they'll teach their kids to be gay, too.

F'ing morons.

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Oldfart said...

AND - most gays are born of heterosexual parents. A few seconds after they lock up the last gay behind the fence, a new gay will be born outside the fence!