Thursday, May 24, 2012

The President's job.

I went to college a long time ago.  Longer than I like to contemplate.  But I have an advantage many don’t - I work for an employer for whom I can put into practice what I learned while earning my degree, which was in Public Administration.
Granted, I’m not a high level manager, I’ve never stood before Congress, nor negotiated with the Unions.  But after thirty-seven+ years watching those things happen from the inside, I’ve got a pretty good idea how this government works.  My degree included such esoteric subjects as economics and the economics of non-profit organizations.
No, I’m not an economist, nor do I play one on TV!
But I do remember much of the basics of those classes and my experience tells me how these things mesh with how the government works.  I’ve watched these things happen from the inside, and I know how the government handles money and how that involves the general economy.
Governor Romney has based much of his campaign on his business experience.  The Republicans have, since before Reagan, played the businessman card, saying that government should be run like a business and have always pushed the idea that the government shouldn’t spend more than it takes in.
The problem with this is that for the last ten years, this country has gone along with Republican theories about lowering taxes on the rich and such, and have, instead of seeing our debts getting lower, seen them get higher and higher. We’ve watched while the Republicans have brought this country to the brink of disaster time after time, even while causing us to lose our prime credit rating for the first time ever!
Meanwhile sensible economists who propose sensible policies that will indeed, make this country’s economy get better have sat by and watched while Washington fiddles during the “burning” of the economy.
Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Obama has it right.  A President isn’t there to make a profit.  He’s there to run a government whose purpose for existing is to ensure for the General Welfare of the whole country.  Not just the rich folk.  And the way out of this recession is to spend our way out.

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