Monday, May 07, 2012

Please read this - Dominionism, again

I’ve written about this subject before.  There isn’t really anything that happened today to spark this post, but it is a subject I feel so strongly about, I want to periodically keep it in front of people, just to keep it out there.
It sounds extreme.  Whenever someone says anything about conspiracies to “take over the world”, or “overthrow the government”, folks roll their eyes, and think “That’s just crazy, nobody could ever do that!”  Visions of Mini Me and Dr. Evil or Dr. No swim before their eyes, and they turn away in amusement.

Go ahead, laugh.  Tell the jokes about the insane scientist wanting to take over the world, and how James Bond will inevitably win the day.  Just keep thinking that the American Democracy is just too big and too pervasive in American culture to lose.
Yeah, and that’s why, when General Washington won at Yorktown, the British band played “The World turned Upside Down”, as troops from the best army in the world surrendered their arms to the ragtag Colonial Army.  It happens, empires fade, and they easily fall to those who are better organized and more motivated.

Which brings me to Dominionism.
Dominionism is a movement which is based on the far right wing of the Evangelical movement in the United States.  It’s internally stated goals are to take “dominion” over, first, the US, and later, the world.  The strange thing is, they’ve made an amazing amount of progress in both goals!
I’m going to point you towards a web site.  It is not a web site written or supported by an atheist, but by a Christian, Sarah Leslie (posted by Kari8).  It is obvious, in the comments section, that she is a Conservative Libertarian, and is greatly concerned by what she calls the “heresies” of the Dominionist Movement.   She describes herself as a christian who believes in the inerrancy of the bible.  But she also supports the Separation of Church and State, because she recognizes that her brand of religion is a minority position, and clearly knows that the only thing that separates her from a theocracy that would burn her at the stake for heresy herself is the First Amendment of the US Constitution!

So go to Let Him Hear, where you can read about the three major branches of this movement.   It will scare the crap out of you, I promise.  So, go ahead, read it, think about it, and come back here and check out the readers’ links.  Some of them are even worse!
Hi!  Glad you’re back.  Keep reading the links.
Further, down in the comments, a readers post other links:
The Players, Agenda, And Power Ties of the Global Dominionist Movement
Now, don’t go thinking, “Now, come on, this lady is as crazy as those Dominionists!”  Maybe so, as to her thinking about the bible.  Her web site is chock full of christian quotes, verbiage and other stuff that I, personally, can’t see my way through even part way.  But, she is sincere, honest, and I believe, concerned about this movement.
I think the rest of us should be, too.  I think that the rest of us should be walking the streets, dragging our neighbors to the polls and talking up this election for all we’re worth.  
I think it is just that important.

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