Thursday, May 03, 2012

So That's What it Means!

Have you wondered recently, like the rest of us, why the right wing has been suddenly, inexplicably targeting, of all things, birth control?  Why contraceptives?  Why such an issue that the whole country thought, for forty years or more, was a settled matter?  Are they crazy?

Baby, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Did you see the story from Arizona about the Neo-Nazi who killed his family and then himself?  Apparently, he was a buddy of Arizona Senator Russell Pierce, who Rachael Maddow quoted tonight on her show as making a statement that "White people need to make more babies, or the Hispanics will outbreed us", or words to that effect.  If we don't, they'll take over the country!  We have to make more white babies to retain white control of America!

Now there's another one, Fox News' The Big Story host John Gibson.  He has made similar statements.

So there you have it!  They aren't against contraceptives because of religious reasons, they want white women to make more babies to retain control of the country!

I always knew these folks were bigoted, mean spirited, racist and just downright dinosaurs, but I guess desperation will drive some people to extremes that just don't seem possible.  If stuff like this doesn't make every liberal in the country get out to vote, and to drag all their liberal neighbors, friends and family with them, I don't know what will.  Come to think of it, while you're at it, if you've got any Centrist friends too, drag them along and show them things like this first.  Scare the pants off of 'em.

Tell them if they don't like what the Citizens United decision did to the country, they'll just hate what Romney will do.

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