Monday, May 07, 2012

So, whaddaya think?

Today, everybody's favorite VP, Joe Biden, managed to piss off the right wing, rattle the White House, bring hope to the LBGT Community and confuse the press, all at the same time!  Talk about talented, I never imagined the guy had it in him.  Maybe he'd make a good President after all.

Why do I say that?  Because the Democrats have managed to turn themselves into the Party of Scaredy Cats.  By allowing the Republicans to drag the national debate in the political arena so far to the right that Obama's main claim to fame has been passing and signing bills that are leftover Republican ideas of yesteryear, they've almost lost the battle of ideas.  Almost nobody is talking about liberal agendas, we are so stuck on arguing in a framework of ideas that fit the socially conservative playbook of the 1990's, that the Democrats have forgotten that to allow your opponent to set the terms of the debate, you LOSE.

No wonder the right wing has got the Left fighting in the trenches with bayonets and brass knuckles.  It is past time for the Democrats to start fighting fire with fire.  We need to start comparing the right wing actions that brought us into this economic mess with Democratic ideals that can bring us back out of it.

It's time to be proud liberals!

The example, for once, is being set by the French.  Tired of double digit unemployment and austerity measures that are cutting back on their coveted vacation and social welfare benefits, the French have decided that it is time to toss the bums out that not only started the trouble in the first place, but have exacerbated the trouble once it started.  Good for them!  It's time someone realized that if what you're doing isn't working, one needs to toss out the old playbook and get a new one.

Perhaps this will give the left in the US some much needed steam in showing folks that our spending/bailout measures are what brought us to where we are, and if we just get off our butts and do more of it, we can put more of those public sector workers back to work teaching our kids, policing our cities and fighting our burning cities.

Speaking of public sector workers, you DO realize that the high unemployment in that sector is deliberate, don't you?  Just think about it, Who controls the bulk of the public sector employment?  States and cities.  Which party won BIG in the 2010 elections in States and cities?  Republicans, right?  Which party has a vested interest in keeping unemployment high to make Obama look bad and maybe sabotage his re-election?  Bingo!  The Republicans!  Go to the head of the class!

Maybe it's time that the American people realize this and also decide to throw the bums out who not only started this mess, but have worked overtime to keep it bad and make it worse!

So, whaddaya think?

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I think I totally agree!