Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Open Answer to Lou Pritchett's Open Letter to Obama

Snopes.com has a page confirming the correct attribution of that open letter to Lou Pritchett.

Here's my answer to Lou.

1.  If you know nothing about Obama, you haven't been paying attention, just listening to Fox News.
2.  He paid for his Ivy League education with student loans, he's mentioned that on the stump, both this year, and when he first ran. (and he's released his tax returns, so we DO know where he makes his money.)
3.  Yes, he did grow up in America, as much as many kids do today - more Than Mitt Romney's dad did!  Hawaii IS America, as is Kansas.  Mexico isn't.
4.  Ryan has never run a company, nor met a payroll, yet Romney has him a heartbeat away from being President if he wins.  So?  Obama has three and a half years experience AT BEING PRESIDENT!!
5.  Romney has never had any military experience, nor has Ryan, so what is so important about Obama's lack?
6.  Radical extremists?  You've been watching too much Fox News.  Those are lies.
7.  He has NEVER blamed America.  More Fox News lies.
8.  What's so scary about a safety net for the poor?  Or decent regulation protecting us from predatory business?  Sorry, that's a fail.
9.  Obama has repeatedly supported American capitalism, including supporting GM, which is now returning a CAPITALIST style profit to taxpayers for the STOCK we bought to support GM.  Fail again.
10.  Regulation is not extortion.
11.  "Wild and irresponsible spending"?   How's about tax cuts for the rich with NOTHING to pay for them?  THAT'S wild and irresponsible spending!!  Adding to the debt to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars, that's wild and irresponsible!
12.  Obama has tried to sit down with the Republicans for three and a half years, yet they have refused to listen in return, constantly obstructing everything Obama has tried to do, including passing measures which have traditionally been bipartisan in the past, to no avail.  Sorry, this one's on the Republicans - AGAIN.
13.  Omnipotent?  I'd like some of that weed, please.  Must be good stuff.
14.  Free pass?  You mean the one Fox News gives every Republican, who all refuse to talk to regular journalists because they won't ask easy questions?
15.  Demonize, yes, because those idiots demonize themselves, every time they open their garbage mouths.  PROVE one time Obama has tried to shut one of those windbags up.  Just once.  Lies, again.
16.  Governing IS, in a sense, controlling.  You don't know what the hell you're talking about.  Typical businessman!  Projecting much from the Republicans' platform?
17.  If Obama wins, you'll be safer than I will if Romney were to win.

This man is a tool of the rich, lying to try to scare the Republican base into voting against their own interests.  EVERY ONE of the above are lies or gross distortions designed to scare you, the voter.

Don't let the rich bastards out there get the better of you.

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