Sunday, August 05, 2012

Shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin today.

I am not going to try to make any statement or characterization, since the police haven't released enough information to even judge.

But my heart is broken and my thoughts are with the family and friends of the people killed and wounded this morning in this terrible incident.  Kudos, thanks and well wishes go out to the first responders, especially the officer that got shot.  I hope he heals completely and it doesn't end up ending a twenty year career for medical reasons.  He and the second officer to arrive (who actually killed the man), saved a lot of lives today.

Mars Curiosity Rover Lands tonight!

Tonight, at about ten thirty Pacific Standard Time (1:30 AM Eastern time here), the Mars Curiosity Rover mission is set to pull off one of the most ambitious landings yet in the annals of solar interplanetary exploration!  In what the mission controllers are calling "Seven minutes of terror", the landing pod is due to reduce its speed from over 13,000 miles per hour to a full stop in seven minutes, completely automatically, without communication from Earth.

That's one hell of a set of brakes!  Good thing they're only supposed to be used once...

I'll be checking in tomorrow morning, my Monday is already overloaded with busy-ness without going to bed at 2:00 AM getting in the way...

Marilyn Monroe - 50 years ago today, she was found dead.

That was one hot chick!  Apparently, a photographer who knew her and photographed her for years released more privately held photos of her, among them the last ever taken, just weeks before her death.   There were some beautiful shots in that bunch they showed on the news.  I guess it would have been tragic to watch such a gorgeous woman grow old.  But then who knows, she may have grown old and showed the rest of us how it's done.  A lot of women in her generation did just that.


Edward Haines said...

Close on Marilyn, but she would be 86. It has been 50 years since she died. What a loss of talent and beauty.

Robert Ahrens said...

That's what the headline said. 50 years ago she was found dead.

But yeah, if she'd lived, she would be right about where a lot of the older women of her generation have died recently. It was very tragic.

And a mystery! or so the conspiracy theorists have said...