Saturday, August 11, 2012

Black Knight, Japanese Willow style

After posting that last item this morning, I went outside to do some yard work, and while chopping stuff, I thought about what Ed said the other day about reading too much of that crazy stuff.  Ed's right! It's time to take a break!

So, while chopping stuff down today, we got to the side patio, where there has been a rather faithful, and pretty, Japanese Willow, shown below.

That was shot around 2008, when the tree was at it's peak.  It was about ten years old, I'd say.  Not really a tree, we had forced it into that shape, where it gave nice shade for years.

Well, the poor tree had gotten rotten in the trunk, and it was time for it to go.  So, I advanced with my saw and clippers, chopping and sawing, while the poor thing cried its defiance!  Limb after limb fell to my cruel steel!

After a bit, I ran out of trash cans to put the severed limbs into, so I had to quit.

As I walked back to the workshop, saw and clippers in hand, I could hear it cry,
"Come back, you coward, it's only a sap wound!!"
 Sorry about that...couldn't resist.

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