Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yes, Religion Hurts. Again.

The last post about the idiot who thinks raped women have some magical ability to keep from getting pregnant is a perfect example of how religious thinking can and does do harm to society.

Why in the world, you’d ask, would a supposedly intelligent man say such a stupid thing?  I mean, he could ask a doctor if it’s right, couldn’t he?

Yes, but that would damage his world-view.

You see, women are inferior beings.  They lack the ability to think like men, and so instinctually cause men to do bad things like rape them.  It’s not really the men’s fault, you see, it’s the nature of women to entice men into doing bad things.  That’s why women need men to control them and keep them where they will be unable to negatively affect those poor men.

If women were able to think, and didn’t instinctively make men rape them, somehow, that would imply that men weren’t superior beings, and might, just might, mind you, be at fault for raping women.

Can’t have that, because god says men are superior and women were created from the man, so they have to be controlled by men.  The modern idea of women being equal and such is just the devil’s work.

Besides, this would expose the fact that evil happens and god can’t control it, or won’t control it or doesn’t care, or some weird combination of the three, thus isn’t omnipotent after all.  So the victim has to be at fault.

This is another example of the harm religion does to society, and I’ve written at least three other posts about the harm religion does in the past.  Here are links to those posts:

Go, read, and understand why religious influence in this country must be ejected from politics!  You will begin to understand where the Founders were coming from when they banished religion from Government using the First Amendment.

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