Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Really, this is why....

My Cyberdaughter has figured it out:  why the Republicans are doing what they are doing - Akin gave it away.

There's illegitimate rape, right?  If you get "illegitimately raped", it didn't happen, so if you get pregnant, tough cookies.

And, as we have all been so brilliantly reminded by Rep. Akin, women never get pregnant when they are legitimately raped, right?

So, you're off the hook, right?

Not so fast!  Remember why you don't get pregnant?  Because your body shuts that down!

Now, remember that "personhood amendment" the Republicans are putting in their platform?

If you get legitimately raped and your body shuts that down, YOU'RE A MURDERESS!!!  You KILLED that zyg...I mean..fet...I mean baby!  So you're going to prison!

So, after that, who's going to report a rape, right?  So the FBI can just take that line out of their crime report, and - voila!  No more rape!

Brilliant!  Dang, those Republicans are great crime fighters, aren't they?

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