Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More Batpoop crazy? Really? Can it possibly get worse?

I've tried and tried to divine what could possibly be wrong with the right wing in this country.  What their motives could be, what could be driving them to be pushing the most insane, barbaric, outdated, out and out crazy policies since, well, I don't know when, and just when I've almost convinced myself that no, they just have to be a little human, The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer comes out with this batshit crazy stuff.

In two separate tweets last night, he called for an “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households.” In one tweet  he was referring to the sad story of Lisa Miller, who, after declaring herself ex-gay, kidnapped her daughter away to Central America to prevent her former partner from having any custody. (She is still being tracked by federal agents as a fugitive of the law.)
In the other tweet, Fischer referred to the testimony of a individual named Robert Oscar Lopez, who blames all of his social problems on being raised by his mom and her lesbian partner. 
I've seen these people advocate some crazy stuff, and try to change the laws to make those things get forced on the rest of us, but for the first time, one is seriously advocating breaking the law!

Seriously, Fischer, kidnapping is not only a felony, but taking them out of the State is a Federal violation.  You should be prosecuted for that advocacy if ANY child is kidnapped for this reason at any time in the future in this country.

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