Friday, August 10, 2012

First it was his taxes, now he wants to do what?

This is an incredible story.

For several weeks now, we've seen the media and the Democrats going nuts over Romney refusing to release his taxes.  Rachael Maddow has done a very good segment on that tonight, talking with Chris Hayes (from UP with Chris Hayes on MSNBC) about how the issue of Romney's taxes is a central issue in the campaign, because it illustrates perfectly how he has identified himself with the top 1% who basically control our tax system to benefit themselves.

Which puzzles me as to how millions of low income Americans can possibly explain to themselves why they're voting for a man who represents a system that has been systematically looting their billfolds for thirty years, but, gee, I digress...

The next newest thing out of the Romney campaign is in an interview with Chuck Todd, he said he'd like his past to be excluded from the race altogether!!

Excuse me?

You're running for President, the ONLY information we have as to how you would run this country is by looking at how you've run your business life, and you want us to give you a free pass by ignoring it?  I guess we're supposed to just sit by, listen to your campaign spiel and simply take your word for how much you give a shit for us.

Well, as we say in Texas, screw you AND the horse you rode in on!

Folks, this is a perfect illustration of the arrogance of the 1%.  Perfect!  At any other time, in any other Presidential campaign, if a candidate had said this, the whole country would have laughed him off the stage.  Literally laughed the man off the stage and back into obscurity.

Yet, today, I had to hear about this from a left wing commentator.  This should have been front page news on every media outlet coast to coast, evening news today to the evening news tomorrow.

What goddam balls.   Sorry for the French, but what else can I say?

Lets all go to the polls in November and laugh the man off the stage.


Anonymous said...

Obama did this 4 years ago! He just didn't vocalize that he was doing it. He wanted everyone to ignore that he didn't cast an actual vote in anything important and all his ties to certain people or groups. All to get the middle swing votes. Smoke and mirrors from another lib!

Robert Ahrens said...

Come now, Obama never came out and asked anybody to ignore his record. He may have avoided saying anything about it himself, but that's not unusual. What IS is coming right out and saying it...especially when what Romney is asking us to ignore is what he's been telling us is his strength! Of course, now he's noticing it isn't really a strength anymore...

Typical right wing confusion...