Monday, July 30, 2012

For once the English language doesn't have the words.

Ok, I've always been a guy that's always had something to say about just about any subject that pops up.  Ask my family & others who have known me.  I just don't shut up.

Hey, I blog, don't I?

But occasionally, there arises a news story that defies the English language.  I know that sounds trite, but this time, well, see for yourself:

In Largo, Florida, a man, Ronald Brown, employed by a Christian TV network, has been arrested in a plot to kill and eat a child from his Sunday school class.

Ok, take a deep breath, stop, and go back to re-read that sentence.

The main theme here: a plot to kill and eat a child.  Yes, you read that right.  No, it wasn't an article from The Onion, or any look-alike site.

The Tampa Bay Times has an incredible account on this developing story.

Now, please, let's not go off half cocked.   Neither I, nor any other atheist blogger I know, is going to suggest that his religion had anything to do with his fantasy plot.  People like that are just sick.  Truly, really, actually mentally ill.  Either that, or the human race is more screwed up than I have ever dreamed.

I cannot possibly discern the words that are sufficient to describe the sickness, the utter barbarity of the kind of thinking that had to go into this plot and the things this man and his friend had in store for one particular young boy.  Words, for once, escape me.  Even the thesaurus on my Mac is insufficient for the task.

There is, however, a further bit of madness to this story.  As the above noted, Ronald is employed by the Christian Television Network.  As of this writing, that network has refused any comment, and their scheduling still shows the puppet show he aired to be scheduled for future shows.

I know, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but you'd think a statement perhaps suspending the shows until more information becomes available would be appropriate.

Apparently not.

Come on, folks, he plotted to kill children, and if that's not enough, then understand, (no matter how twisted and sick this is) he also plotted to eat this child for Easter!

Now, I know mental illness is an excuse if one is unable to tell right from wrong.  But for the management of that network to refuse to react as just about any other sane individual would is not excused by mental illness.

So, can we drop the idea that Christians are at some higher moral plane than other mortals?  Just this once?  Not because of Ronald, but because of the morons at the Network...

We'll draw our conclusions about Ronald when we have more information.

Now, as for those of you who live in the Tampa Bay Area, here are some organizations he was affiliated with:

Brown had ties to a wide array of children's programs in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to the Gulf Coast Church, officials for the Tampa Bay Rays, the Pinellas County School District, the Christian Television Network, the city of Largo and Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services, among others, all said he had been hired or volunteered as a performer, instructor or mentor.

If you know anyone with kids who may have been associated with those organizations, they need to be aware of this and look at where or if their kids may have come in contact with this predator - he had child porn and may have molested kids at some time in the past.

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